Workplace design



SBA Group

Upės str. 21-1

LT-08128 Vilnius



Floor Area: 1’100 m2

Completion:  2021



Evaldas Lasys

SBA Group, one of Lithuania’s largest business groups that operates in the furniture and apparel production and real estate sectors, has occupied its central headquarters located at the Green Hall business valley in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The vibrant offices, designed by Swiss architects Evolution Design in collaboration with Lithuanian studio Heima, reflect SBA’s forward-thinking approach in innovation and production and incorporate visual references to Lithuanian folklore.

«Our design concept expresses the daring and forward-thinking spirit of the company. There are no sharp corners in this office, in order to promote out-of-the box thinking and free flow of creativity. With its playful shapes and open space arrangements, SBA headquarters is designed to promote getting together and uninterrupted exchange of ideas,» says Tanya Ruegg, creative director at Evolution Design. «The bold use of colours, patterns and materials, derived from nature, Lithuanian folklore and art, pay homage to the tradition and heritage while continually inspiring new visions and bold, limitless thinking.»

Along with creating several large open-plan workspaces, medium-sized meeting rooms and flexible workshop areas, particular attention was also paid to individual and private workspaces to enable focused working. These spaces, planned and designed before the global pandemic, have proven to be particularly useful during the current situation when social distancing is required. Most staff members are currently working from home and are only visiting the office on pre-arranged schedules for a few days a week.

Spread over the top two floors of the Green Hall business centre, the workspaces are flooded by ample daylight and are spoilt by panoramic views over the Neris River, the red roofs of the Old Town, and the greenery of nearby parks.