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Barry Callebaut HQ

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Evolution Design has created the new headquarters of Barry Callebaut, complete with modern workspaces and a sophisticated chocolate academy.

The overall vision of the project was to create a strong connection to Barry Callebaut’s culture and its confectionary products.

With annual sales of around USD 8 billion, Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. In 2021, the company relocated its Zurich-based headquarters to a new building, commissioning Evolution Design to design the new offices.

  • Location

    Hardturmstrasse 181

    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Client

    Barry Callebaut

  • Net floor area

    3.800 m2

  • Project started
  • Project completed
  • Sustainability


  • Awards

Located opposite the main entry area, the fully glazed chocolate academy creates the first impression upon arrival and is the centrepiece of the new headquarters. It enables staff and visitors to watch the chocolatiers creating new products and taking part in masterclasses and showcases Barry Callebaut’s passion for cocoa products, craftsmanship and innovation.


The project started in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic and was, therefore, specifically planned to be fit for the future needs of employees after the pandemic.

Besides flexible remote work policy and desk sharing, the workplace has a large number of booths for phone and video calls as well as two spacious rooms for focus work. Equipped with height-adjustable tables and humidity-increasing plants, one area evokes a verdant jungle, while the other resembles a cosy library.


Particular attention has been paid to informal and social interaction. Three large hubs, one on each floor, have been devised to create a pleasant atmosphere. Here, Barry Callebaut’s staff and guests can drink coffee and taste the latest creations of their chocolatier colleagues, have an informal meeting and eat lunch together. Located at the heart of each office floor, these hubs enable optimal circulation and create a sense of a journey through the various zones.


To respond to the client’s brief, Evolution Design conceived a design concept that reflects the variety of flavours, aromas and textures of cocoa products. A myriad of materials, patterns, haptics and graphics have been applied: Textures of wood and different fabrics, natural materials – like the upcycled cocoa husk flooring, safflower wallpaper, cork and moss – and a combination of earthy colours reflect the chocolate company’s ethos of sustainability, innovation and sensory pleasure.

«We assigned Barry Callebaut’s brand characteristics to different areas throughout the office, creating a bespoke language of materials, colours, patterns, haptics and graphics. This approach creates a workspace with a lot of diversity and choice and at the same time reflects the passion and values people share and are proud of at Barry Callebaut,» explains Claudia Berkefeld, lead designer of the project and director at Evolution Design.


In line with Barry Callebaut’s vision, the workplace concept pays particular attention to sustainability and well-being. Environmentally friendly, certified and upcycled materials have been used along with indoor greenery, in order to create a healthy, productive and pleasant indoor atmosphere. Specifically selected humidity-generating plants in combination with sensors enable monitoring and automatic adjustment of the internal climate according to the data received. Tailored sustainability standards have been developed to achieve project-relevant benchmarks in optimal lighting conditions, indoor air quality, room temperature, noise levels and environmental impact.

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Tour the Barry Callebaut Headquarters
Tour the Barry Callebaut Headquarters

Barry Callebaut’s passion for its products shines through the interiors of the headquarters. This space reflects the chocolate company’s ethos of openness, innovation and sensory pleasure.

Claudia Berkefeld
Director London Office
Project team
Project Director

Stefan Camenzind

Project Lead

Claudia Berkefeld

Core Team

Nydia Godoy, Marco Noch, Patrik Uihlein, Stuart Dickens, Christina Stein, Lucas Polak


Peter Wuermli

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