RTL Hubs

RTL Hubs

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Energising informal meeting hubs at the RTL Germany’s broadcasting centre in Cologne.

Evolution Design has completed the interior design for two vibrant informal meeting hubs at RTL Germany’s broadcasting centre in Cologne. This project is part of the master planning for RTL’s facility, situated within the renowned Rheinhallen in Cologne-Deutz. The 80,000-square-meter centre includes broadcasting and production studios, workspaces, meeting and event areas, a canteen, as well as multiple social hubs catering to RTL’s employees and guests.

  • Location

    Picassoplatz 1,

    Cologne, Germany

  • Client

    RTL Germany

  • Net floor area

    1.500 m2

  • Project completed
1 RTL Hubs_Diners


Photos by Andreas Buchberger.


RTL, the largest private television network in Germany, developed these special areas as part of a pilot project. This initiative aligns with RTL’s ongoing commitment to redefining its workplace strategy and incorporating innovative work principles into its daily operations. 

The two breakout hubs are designed to create an inviting atmosphere that fosters social interactions and offers employees a respite from daily tasks. Featuring oak finishes, these areas are enlivened with accents in RTL’s corporate colours to infuse freshness and energy into the interior. These open-plan areas with various zones are suitable for large-scale events, informal exchanges, and productive activities, including group work, presentations and video interviews.

2 RTL Hubs_Amphitheatre

Presentation and event area

designed with an amphitheatre-style seating.


Round coffee counters, crafted from brushed stainless steel and powder-coated steel shelves, serve as the focal points of the hubs. Equipped with coffee machines, tea-making facilities, and water taps, these islands attract employees for refreshments. The playful design, characterized by a mix of round and irregular shapes such as a massive oak zigzag-shaped table, custom light installations, and acoustic elements, creates a dynamic atmosphere and adds an element of surprise. Surrounding these vibrant hubs are an assortment of meeting rooms, fostering collaboration and exchange.

3 RTL Hubs_Coffee counter

Coffee point

for quick coffee breaks, informal exchange as well as meetings.


Overall, the hubs have been thoughtfully curated to cultivate a dynamic ambiance that seamlessly aligns with RTL’s broadcasting and production ethos. They offer an array of informal meeting and event spaces, complemented by refined coffee stations and creative meeting rooms. This distinctive atmosphere is achieved through the thoughtful integration of light-filled interiors, accentuating hues, lounge furniture, and a harmonious blend of textures, culminating in an environment that epitomizes both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

4 RTL Hubs_Lounge

vibrant lounge

inspired by the corporate colours of RTL.

Project team
Project Director

Stefan Camenzind

Project Lead

Natalia Maciejowska

Core Team



Andreas Buchberger

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