Company Headquarter


Metrohm Schweiz AG


4800 Zofingen



Visualisations: Evolution Design

Evolution Design has developped a unique building and workplace concept for the new Swiss headquarter office of Metrohm, an internationally operating Swiss provider of precision appliances.

The two-storey headquarter in Zofingen is designed as a compact multistorey cube, differentiated by gradations, recesses and courtyards inside of the building volume. The work environment is designed around this generous and green inner courtyard and terraces, suffusing the building with daylight. 

The courtyard creates a high transparency within the building and transport the nature inside, allowing an independence from the further development of the surrounding industrial sites. The innovative workplace concept comprehensively reflects the company culture and actively fosters the team spirit and interaction between employees.

The work zones and activity-based workplace typologies serve as effective drivers for creativity and innovation - and thus create an inspiring environment, which enables a strong identification with the workplace and company culture.