Micro-living apartments

St. Gallen

Concept proposal for Community St. Gallen
Micro-living apartments

St.Gallen, Switzerland

Size 13.000 m2 // 305 units 

«JAZZ», in the Swiss town of St. Gallen, is a project for iLive Group, a developer and operator of micro apartments. The architecture of the project is inspired by its prime location: close to a bustling neighbourhood filled with residential buildings, spaces for culture and cafés and also nearby a lush forest, which rises on sloping hills behind the development. 

The design for the 11 apartment buildings interweaves the area’s natural green belt with a visionary, urban living concept to create a striking and contemporary architectural solution. Connection to nature and sustainability were key considerations. Constructed from locally sourced sustainable timber, the buildings are clad in wood also externally. Fresh, light filled interiors with a palette of natural materials offer lively and sociable living environments for students, young adults and the silver generation.

The development is characterised by its own architectural language with a clear reference to the surrounding terrain. The buildings are carefully placed lengthways to offer the greatest exposure to the greenery, eye-catching views and maximum sun exposure.

The land flows through and between the buildings and the original topography is maintained, enabling the three to four-storey structures to sit at different heights and creating an appealing spatial differentiation. From the roof terrace of the top floor apartments, it’s possible to enjoy views across the city and the Rosenberg. The private outdoor spaces are designed as compact room extensions and provide contrast with the wooden façade.

Along with 305 apartments, ranging in size from single units of 23 square meters to maisonette apartments of 46 square meters, the development also features a restaurant, coworking hub, gym, an open-air cinema, a variety of meeting and conference spaces, as well as several outdoor sport facilities such as beach volleyball court and exercise areas.

The development is powered by an in-house solar system which also enables charging of 10 electric microlinos, 20 electric scooters and 30 e-bikes, reducing the additional traffic to minimum. These devices as well as a range of other services provided on site can be booked via the development’s app «The Connector».

Developer & operator:

Hager Partner