PULS Vario offices win the golden Arch Design Award

We are delighted to announce that our workplace design for PULS Vario's expanded offices in Vienna has been honoured with the Golden Award at the 2024 Arch Design Awards.

In a highly competitive field across various interior categories including residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial, our project secured the highest recognition. «The Golden Arch Design Award acknowledges projects distinguished by their exceptional design, seamless functional solutions, innovative use of materials and green technologies, as well as their remarkable artistic and market value,» as outlined by the award organisers.

The project's foundation lies in its alignment with the fundamental stages of the innovation process. Divided into four distinct zones – RETREAT, DIALOGUE, CREATE, and SHARE – each segment is meticulously crafted to cater to different tasks and phases of innovation. Stefan Camenzind, executive director of Evolution Design, explains: «Innovation and creativity can’t simply be produced on demand. These are processes that have to be enabled and supported, not just in the way that people work but also in the spaces where they work. At PULS Vario, our office design is specifically based on the principles of how innovation occurs to ensure it supports the people who work there in coming up with new ideas and new products.»

Another integral aspect of the design is the thoughtful integration of meaningful references to Austrian and Viennese culture into the interior design. This was achieved through the application of a bold colour concept in the meeting rooms. For instance, deep blue, reminiscent of the alpine flower gentian, was chosen to evoke the serene ambiance of mountain landscapes. Similarly, poppy red was selected to reflect the poppy blossoms that adorn fields surrounding Vienna. Additionally, the incorporation of crawling vines on the pergola in the focus work area pays homage to Austria's rich winemaking tradition.

PULS Vario Award_1
PULS Vario Award_2
PULS Vario Award_3
PULS Vario Award_4
PULS Vario Award_5
PULS Vario Award_6

For more information, please see the project case study on our website and the winner’s page on the Arch Design Awards website.

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