Exhibition Stand

Orgatec 2016

Sedus Stoll AG

Brückenstraße 15

79761 Waldshut




Sedus Orgatec 2016 Stand

Floor Area:  1'200 m2




The motto of Orgatec 2016 "creativity works" inspired Sedus to present creative solutions for well-being at work. With exciting stand architecture, designed by Evolution Design in Hall 8 and an island on the boulevard, Sedus invited visitors to experience the emotional office of the future with all five senses.

Inspired by nature, Evolution Design worked with different cell structures and developed a space concept that creates a harmonious structure between the design of the furniture, the different zones and the paths. Tanja Ruegg, Partner and Creative Director of Evolution Design, describes the result as a "feel-good environment that appeals to all the senses".

A membrane-like semitransparent envelope frames the stand, which appeals concealed and at the same time creates curiosity. The cell-like organic structure of the stand architecture creates openness and provides display for various furniture groups, such as "conference and training", "informal working and relax", "workplace and concentration", "meeting and collaboration".

The visitors are invited to get inspired by various work situations that represent the future of work, both in terms of health as well as emotional aspects. In doing so, they are able to enjoy a variety of "sensual" experiences.