JED: Join Explore Dare


Project JED

Zürcherstrasse 39

8952 Schlieren


Project Size

Public spaces                2.700 m2

Total                           35.000 m2

Building volume        147.000 m3


Peter Würmli

In December 2020, the newly completed public space at JED hosted its first event: the Swiss premiere of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Along with state-of-the art technology and some beautiful vintage models, guests also enjoyed exceptional hospitality at the new JED event spaces.

After being greeted by Jake, a fictional character and the host of the bar, guests were welcome to appreciate the spacious main foyer, which embodies the industrial heritage of the building, combined with distinctive contemporary architectural elements.

One highlight is an illuminated staircase leading up to the first-floor gallery, which adds visual interest and creates a sense of grandeur.

The presentation of the new S-Class took place in the main event space, a former newspaper printing hall. With its 11-meter-high ceilings, massive ventilation pipes and illuminated logo of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung», the newly designed space pays homage to the building’s industrial past.

«Effectively adapting this building from an industrial space into an inviting and modern event location was a challenge. We had to take into account needs around technical solutions, the requirement to seat up to 840 people, acoustics and IT infrastructure while still preserving the industrial feel and acknowledging the building’s past,» says Jessica Mentz, project lead and associate at Evolution Design.

With the successful conclusion of this first event, the construction of JED approaches completion: the final phase is expected to be delivered in early summer 2021.