Coworking Hub



Novex Möbelbau 

Bellevuestrasse 27 

CH-6280 Hochdorf



June 2019


1000 square meters


Peter Wuermli


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Set among mountains and lakes in picturesque central Switzerland, 6280.CH is a new 1000sq metre coworking space that offers local freelancers and small businesses a contemporary workspace with interiors that pay homage to the sites’ architectural history and bucolic local setting while firmly embracing the nature of 21stcentury working life.

Located in the village of Hochdorf, 6280.CH is based in a former factory of Swiss furniture maker Novex and features private offices, co-working spaces, conference rooms and common areas, including a shared kitchen.

The company’s former manufacturing space and warehouse had been empty for years when Evolution Design was asked to create a coworking space that would meet the needs of local entrepreneurs and give the old factory a new lease of life. The project also offered an opportunity to showcase Novex’s furniture making talent, with much of the furniture and fittings for 6280.CH custom made by the company.

A local perspective

A key aspect of the project was to ensure that the coworking space retained its distinctly local feel. «We are in the countryside, not in the Zurich or Basel city centre and we wanted to give coworkers a sense of feeling at home here,» says Zsuzsa Cserhati, the hub’s community manager.

Individual offices are named and designed according to local endangered plants. Most of spaces are decorated with plants, like the quiet focus area at the rear of the hub, where wooden desk dividers are topped with plants and wall graphics reflect a mountain pasture with Berta, the Swiss cow, supervising activity. The space has become a favourite among co-workers.

«We did a lot of research into the lakes, mountains and plants that surround Hochdorf and integrated these into our interior design concept,» says Tanya Ruegg, creative director at Evolution Design.

The large central presentation space was inspired by local lakes. The acoustic ceiling panels are reminiscent of the water and waves, the amphitheatre-style seating resembles of steps going into the water. There are also some wool pebbles that act as portable seats and we have reflected water landscape in the carpets.

The client was keen to retain the industrial character of the building and Evolution Design has used photography that illustrates the building’s industrial past on walls and on custom lampshades that double as acoustic panels. 

A showcase for talent

As Novex is a furniture manufacturer, the majority of the fittings and furniture were custom made. Novex custom created all the metal work, acoustic panels and lampshades. An old joiner’s bench was recovered from storage and converted into a large dining table, which has become one of the most eye-catching elements of the new space. A former shipping container has also been upcycled and converted into a diner-style meeting pod.

A playground for working

Evolution Design has created a colourful space that is designed to inspire workers no matter what task is at hand, with areas where tenants can work either individually or in a team or host events, workshops and product demonstrations.

Along with private offices, there are phone booth style private working spaces, larger booths for team working and a quiet zone for more concentrated tasks. The office also has a bright yellow creative space for workshops or product demonstrations. It is demarcated by glass partition walls and equipped with large touch screens and portable furniture to allow for maximum flexibility and creativity. The kitchen – known as «Chuchi» in Swiss German – functions as a space for large team meetings but it is also fully equipped, allowing coworkers to cook, eat and socialize together.