Desarrollo residencial


Residential Development 'Rebwies'

Rebwiesstrasse /Schützenstrasse 

8702 Zollikon




Área:  5’800 m2

Volumen edificio: 16`800 m3

Finalización obra:  Marzo 2002



  • Investigación y desarrollo
  • Servicios arquitectónicos completos

At the Rebwies residential development, the individual houses have been located together in groups, forming several courtyards with different characters. These spatially clearly defined courtyards serve as the centers for community life and communication.

At the same time – due to the arrangement of the buildings – great amplitude is being shaped in the gardens, thus creating enough of privacy for the residents.

Additionally, the arrangement of the buildings forms a very balanced relationship between the private and communal spaces.

Such surrounding supports the collaborative coexistence of the residents, yet meets the needs of the residents for some private space.