Hill Side

Desarrollo de apartamentos


Hill Side

Birmensdorferstrasse 578

8005 Zurich




Área total apartamentos:  3’300 m2

Volumen edificio: 20'500 m3

Finalización obra:  2010



  • Investigación y desarrollo
  • Servicios arquitectónicos completos desde el diseño del edificio hasta el diseño de los espacios exteriores

Situated on the outskirts of Zurich, Hill Side is a development of four apartment buildings housing 28 apartments in total. Located at the foot of Uetliberg, Hill Side is flanked by forest and offers a panoramic view of the town and lake.

Each apartment was individually designed with distinct floor plans and balconies that differ in size. Balconies are positioned irregularly across the façade, maximising natural light and the volume of outdoor space while also ensuring more privacy. 

The building’s design was inspired by the nearby forest. Exteriors are clad in vertical wooden veneer panels of different width, reflecting the diversity of the forest’s trees. The balconies, which are supported by the vertical cladding structure, resemble tree houses held up by tree trunks. The irregular structure of the façade gives the building a natural feel that minimises its volume and allows it to blend into its surroundings.