JED: Join Explore Dare


Project JED

Zürcherstrasse 39

8952 Schlieren


Project Size

Zühlke Office             10.000 m2

Total                           35.000 m2

Building volume        147.000 m3


Peter Würmli

Innovation service provider Zühlke has successfully taken occupancy of its new office space in JED, despite the current situation with Covid-19 and subsequent increase in home office working. The newly designed premises, within the former NZZ printing facility, offer the company a unique environment: the versatile architectural concept means Zühlke is able to develop and implement innovations from concept to final product in one place.

The company’s 10,000m2 space extends over two parts of the building, which differ in size, height and structure and offer such a high degree of flexibility that they can be redesigned at any time according to user needs.

The former packaging and distribution warehouse now functions both as a representative entrance into the world of Zühlke and as a multifunctional semi-public space, with a prototype workshop, meeting and conference rooms and various workspaces.

In the centre of the hall is the ‘piazza’ which, in connection with the in-house kitchen, forms a spacious meeting place for lunch breaks, internal events and large gatherings.

In the former printing hall, in which the multi-storey printing press once stood, Zühlke's expansive office space now extends over a total of six floors. At the centre of the space is an open atrium, offset from one storey to the next.  By alternating from single to two-storey heights, the atrium creates extraordinary connections across all levels. The result is a workspace that enables the team to communicate efficiently and to implement Zühlke's interdisciplinary corporate culture in the best possible way.

In both parts of the building, the interplay of high, open areas with closed rooms creates an exciting environment which, in addition to openness, also offers numerous opportunities for retreat. Materially, wood plays an essential role, creating a homely atmosphere and complementing the industrial character of the raw steel and concrete structure.

Zühlke's spectacular workspace also symbolizes the vision of JED (Join, Explore, Dare). It showcases how architecture has created a framework that allows maximum flexibility for individual design within a unique existing building, while also combining history with innovation.